Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rabbi and Mrs. Kugielsky Join the Judaic Faculty

Almost all of our students in grades one through eight will have the pleasure of learning from either Rabbi Eli or Mrs. Leeba Kugielsky this year. This dynamic duo comes to us from the Beren Hebrew Academy in Houston and will be playing several different roles in our school.

Rabbi Kugielsky, a warm and energetic rebbe with a wealth of teaching experience and a recently completed Masters Degree in Education at Loyola University, will be teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th limudei kodesh as well as running Judaic programming for our Middle School boys. Mrs. Kugielsky, whose reputation for creativity and for turning students on to Torah learning far precedes her, will be teaching 4th grade Judaic studies and also bringing a highly successful music and performance program which she created in Beren to our grades one through four for this coming year. Each of those classes will meet with Mrs. Kugielsky as a specialty period once per week, where they will learn songs, dances, and other performance related skills, which they will then put on display for all to see and enjoy at some point in the year.

It goes without saying that we're delighted to have them on board and much looking forward to all that they will bring to our school and our students.

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