Thursday, April 10, 2008

MHA Runs Away with Memphis in May

Anyone associated with the MHA over the past decade, knows that the Lower School's art program is unsurpassed. Very soon, the rest of Memphis will know it as well. It gives us great pride to announce that three of our students won top prizes in the annual Memphis in May art contest. One of them, selected out of hundreds of entries, received the grand prize and her design will be featured on all of the Memphis in May promotional materials displayed throughout the city over the next month and a half. Congratulations to them and a heartfelt todah rabbah to Mrs. Judy Levin for all that she has given our students and our school over her years of dedicated service.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Calling All Alumni!

In an effort to reconnect with our alumni all over the globe, I have created a Facebook group called MHA / FYOS Alumni. If you are an alum or attended either the Academy or the Yeshiva of the South for some period of time, click here to access the group and sign up. Please encourage every alum you know to do the same! We'll use the group to share memories of the past, connect alumni to our present, and get their input about our future.

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Comedy of Errors & A Mexican Explosion

Our high schools were at their best this past week. It began with the boys' production of Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors. While I love our boys dearly, the truth is that I wondered whether they'd be able to match the girls' production of Antigone just a few weeks ago. Yet, with only three weeks preparation, they rose to the occasion in the most magnificent way. Without a doubt, a lion's share of the credit goes to Dr. Kutliroff for adapting the play and bringing it to life in a way that had our audience rolling in laughter much as audiences did in England four hundred years ago. But it was our boys who pulled it all off in the end, from the set design to the lighting, and from the food concessions to the incredible acting. And, once again, perhaps the most remarkable element of what was a remarkable night, was the knowledge that in just about any other school and in just about any other town, many of the boys who were up there on stage would never have received the opportunity, the encouragement, nor the confidence to perform as they did. Yet, here in Memphis they have the opportunity to shine.

Not to be outdone by the boys across the field, the Girls High School had a production of their own on Wednesday. While it lacked the glitter of our major theatrical performances, it had two rather unique features of its own. First of all, the entire play was performed in Spanish. Second of all, the entire script was written by our girls. Here too, we must give credit to our wonderful Spanish teacher, Mrs. Barbara Mansberg, and to our estudiantes talentosas in her class. Of course, the performance had a distinctly Jewish spin to it as it was followed by a full meal for the girls high school and for the girls in our current 8th grade. The menu featured Spanish punch, Spanish rice, and an entrée lovingly called the Mexican Explosion.