Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Site for Tournament

At approximately 12:00 EST, the newly revamped Cooper Yeshiva High School National Invitational Website went live on the internet. The website provides up to the moment information about the Invitational, its participating teams, hotel accommodations, and more. You can also visit to relive championships past via its pictures and records section, and discuss the exciting action with your friends on the new Invitational Forum. Once the Tournament tips-off, the website’s cutting edge technology will broadcast live video and audio of each game, and will release post game articles via its social networking media connections. Don't forget the sign up for the Bracket Challenge, which will be posted shortly after the seeding is released.
Visit the website and check it out. Make sure to keep up with all the action by becoming a fan of the Invitational’s Facebook Page and signing up for Twitter updates.
Many, many, many, thanks to Gershon Yarmush for his art direction, planning and execution of the new site

Monday, July 26, 2010

Memphis Receives Community Growth Grant

Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Josh Kahane and his dedicated committee, we just learned that the Memphis Orthodox community was one of two communities awarded the first Community Growth Grant from Yeshiva University's Center for the Jewish Future.

Here are some excerpts from the Grant's guidelines:

The Community Growth Grant selects several communities that display the preparedness to implement a growth strategy as outlined in this guide’s best practices and exhibit a culture of excellence and an infrastructure that promote the values and ideals of Yeshiva University. These selected communities will participate in an enhanced community growth relationship with YU CJF.

What a CGG community can expect from Yeshiva University:

 A programming grant toward YU programs which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. YU speakers to serve as scholars in residence
    2. Site visits by YU CJF to consult with your community and assist in the growth process
    3. Access to young families:
      1. Apartment communities in our network through parlor meetings
      2. Active promotions for your community through matchmaking efforts and interactions wit young families
      3. Assistance in providing leadership training for the young leadership in your community
    4. Access to other YU CJF resources including but not limited to, Career Development Center, and the Department of Jewish Career Development and Placement Services
Selection parameters for communities:
  1. A complete application
  2. An established and vibrant Torah Umada Jewish infrastructure
  3. An engaged and inspired leadership that is able to collaborate effectively across local institutions.
  4. A vibrant local day school
  5. A vibrant local high school
  6. One or more vibrant local synagogues
  7. A local federation that is actively supportive of community growth
  8. Thriving local youth groups
  9. A community eruv
  10. A community mikvah An economic climate in your community that has potential for job growth
  11. A comprehensive incentive package to attract young families and aid them in their move
  12. A strong community growth infrastructure to facilitate the influx of young families and to assist new family retention
  13. A commitment from your community to encourage high school graduates to attend Yeshiva University

We'll share more details when they become available.  In the meantime, though, I wanted to express how proud we are of the fact that all facets of our vibrant Memphis Orthodox community enjoy a strong relationship with Yeshiva University and how deeply appreciative we are for all the support they have given us over the years.  We have no doubt that this new grant will help both our community and our relationship with YU soar to even greater heights.

Camp Shemesh

As another fantastic summer at Camp Shemesh draws to a close, we wanted to share some of the highlights with you. . For more information on Camp Shemesh, email the camp director, Mrs. Michelle Katz.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outstanding AP Scores

Our High School AP scores came in last week, and I'm proud to report that once again our students did beautifully.  Of the 62 students in our high schools last year, 19 of them took at least one AP exam last year and several took more than one.  Despite the very high percentage of our total student body who took an exam, the results from our high schools on all four of the tests taken far outdid the national averages (comparisons are to last year's average scores, as national data for this year is not yet available).  These numbers are particularly significant as the students taking AP tests are a self-selected group of the country's most talented and motivated students.  Here's a summary of how we did (Note:  The College Board, who administers the AP exam, considers a score of 3 to be passing.  Most universities award college credit, though, only for a score of 4 or 5):

  • AP English Language and Composition: The national average score last year was 2.88.  Amongst the 10 MHA / FYOS students who took the test, the average was 4.2 - or 46% higher than the national norm!
  • AP Physics B: The national average for Physics was also 2.88.  Only 2 students took the test this year, but their average was a 3.5.
  • AP Psychology: Our AP Psychology results bordered on perfection.  The national average last year was a 3.22.  14 of our students took the test and all but two received a perfect 5, with the others receiving a very respectable 4.  Our school average was a 4.8 - or 51% higher than the national norm!
  • AP US Government and Politics: This was a new offering for our school this year and the results were fantastic.  10 students took the exam and scored an average of 4.2, compared to the national average of 2.78.  Here too, our student scores were 51% higher than the average AP student across the nation.
Congratulations to Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Vaughn, Mrs. Perl, and Mrs. Kutliroff  - and, of course to all of our students - for a job beautifully done!