Thursday, March 25, 2010

Student Art On Exhibit at Dixon

The artistic creations of four of our Elementary School students are currently on display at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens.  As part of their Made in Dixon exhibit, the work of Edya Finkelstein, Dovid Freiden, Ethan Morris, and Joel Weinstein can be viewed by the general public until April 4th.  The Dixon has been kind enough to make several free passes available to those Academy families who would like to visit over chol ha-moed.  To get them contact Mrs. Chani Fleischhaker and when you do, be sure to thank her for the wonderful work she does running our school's rather impressive art program! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Student Wins Scholarship to NYU-Poly

The Cooper Yeshiva High School's resident videographer, technical coordinator, and concert pianist, has received an enticing offer to continue pursuing his passions.  Ethan Addess received notice this week that he was selected for the Promise Fund Scholarship at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, NYU's school of engineering, applied science, and technology.

According to the letter he received, the purpose of this scholarship program "is to identify, support, and encourage young men and women who demonstrate the potential for making significant contributions to our university."   Should Ethan decide to accept the offer, he would join fellow graduates Andrew Tavin (class of '09) and Yonadav Tsuna (Class of '08) in representing our school on the campuses of NYU.

Ethan's scholarship offer brings the total scholarship offered to this year's seniors up to $44,000, with the vast majority of acceptances still to come.  He, like almost of all of our seniors from both high schools, will spend a year learning in Israel before beginning his college career.  And, like all of our seniors, we're so proud of what Ethan has accomplished and can't wait to see what lies ahead.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Student Accepted to Honors Program

Ariav Schlesinger was notified last week of his acceptance to the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program at Yeshiva College, the Men's Undergraduate Division of Yeshiva University.  Yeshiva University, ranked by U.S. News and World Report as #52 on their list of the country's best colleges, founded this program in 1999 as a means of challenging outstanding young scholars to reach their full potential by stressing writing, speaking, critical analysis, creativity, the arts, and research. The program also enhances educational programs and expands academic opportunities for all Yeshiva College students through intellectually rigorous experiences, individualized mentoring, and advanced work. It encourages students to express themselves articulately, both verbally and in writing. Through intense study and dedication, graduates of the program develop stronger ties to faculty members at large and contribute strongly to courses and the college community. A long-term educational investment, the program prepares young men who seek prominence in their professions, in their communities, and in the world at large.

Applicants to the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program, including Ariav, have all earned a minimum combined score of 1400 on the critical reading and math sections of the SAT I or a score of 32 or above on the ACT, a 90 or above high school average, and correspondingly high SAT II and AP scores. Ariav also has many other talents which have been nurtured during his tenure at CYHSB, which include singing, acting, and a gift for studio art. Should he accept the offer, Ariav will have access to a wide range of special honors courses, a plethora of specially designed summer enrichment programs including several experiences abroad, and will have to submit an honors thesis upon graduation.

As part of his acceptance to the program, Ariav received $10,000 in academic scholarship.  Following classmate Luky Guigui, who received close to $20,000 in scholarship awards with his early decision acceptance to Brandeis, Ariav's acceptance to the Honors Program at Yeshiva College is the second exciting announcement in what we anticipate will be another proud college acceptance season for the Cooper Yeshiva High School for Boys and the Goldie Margolin High School for Girls.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Margolin Academy of the Performing Arts

These past few weeks have featured one incredible student performance after another.  Starting with the third graders whose Purim Play, done completely in Hebrew, gave the 5th graders a run for their money, followed by the second graders who acted out a story from their literature series, and culminating with the second stunning performance by our new lower school Music and Dance program, our elementary school students have been shining like never before.  A special thanks goes to Morah Yehudit, Moreh Shimshon, Mrs. Winestone, Mrs. Fleischhacker, and, the director of our Music and Dance program, Mrs. Kugielsky, for making it all happen.

Of course, our upper school is always ready to get into the act as well.  Tonight at 7:30pm our Girls High School will be presenting a pre-Pesach musical for women at Baron Hirsch on the life of Natan Sharansky and at 7pm on Tuesday of next week, our Boys High School will take the stage with their rendition of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night here at the Academy auditorium.  Be sure to join us!

In case you missed our lower school students in action, here are few clips.  Follow the links for more!

From 3rd Grade Play

From 3rd Grade Play

From 2nd grade play

From Music Performance

Athletics Blog

If you haven't yet seen Coach Carr's new MHA Athletics blog, you have to check it out! It's the hub for everything sports related at the MHA: forms, schedules, news, pictures, and, of course, results.  You can even follow @MacsAthletics on Twitter!

You can access the blog by going to our school homepage (, clicking on the tab for any of our divisions and following the link for athletics. It's a top-notch blog, from a top-notch Athletic Director, who is quickly building a top-notch athletics program here at the MHA!