Friday, April 25, 2014

8th Grader Places 3rd in Holocaust Art Contest

8th grader Rebecca Brown placed 3rd in this year's Memphis Jewish Federation sponsored Holocaust Art Contest.  The contest, which challenges students Jewish and non-Jewish from across the region to create Holocaust inspired art in advance of Yom HaShoah, has steadily grown in recent years.  Under the direction of our talented and dedicated art teacher, Mrs. Chany Fleishhacker, MHA students have competed for top billing each and every year.

Rebecca, who has chosen to join us here in Memphis to pursue a Jewish education not available in her hometown of New Orleans, created a haunting representation of the possessions left behind by a victim of Nazi crimes.  They demonstrate the simple, and innocent, humanity of which so many were robbed during that awful time in our history.

Rebecca's work as well as the other submissions from MHA students are currently on display in the MJCC's art gallery and will be there through May 13th.  I strongly encourage all who can to stop by and see them for yourselves.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Preparing for Pesach

The school was alive with the sights and sounds of Pesach today.  From the high school boys' leibadik rendition of Chad Gadya together with their Kindergarten buddies to the PreK's Pesach scavenger hunt with Rabbi Stein's shiur, and from model seders galore to Kitah Bet's glorious Pesach play, everywhere you turned it was clear that Pesach was in the air.

For clips from the Pesach play see the Youtube playlist below.  For pictures click here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Students Shine at Science Expo

Our science program took center stage last week as we held our second annual Science Expo.  A non-competitive twist on the old Science Fair model, the Science Expo gives students a chance to publicly share a science-related project of their own design and the learning they did in order to create it.  The younger grades, under the direction of Mrs. Triplett, joined forces to do a grade-wide project while the older grades, under the direction of Ms. Kolenic and Mr. Lewellyn, did their work either in small groups or as individuals.

From hovercrafts to mag-lev trains and exploding balloons to dissected owl pellets, there was fun and exciting evidence of learning on display everywhere one turned.  For more pictures from the evening click here.