Friday, April 24, 2009

Dean's Writing Award Winners

With all the excitement surround Pesach, we didn't get a chance to announce the March winners of the Dean's Writing Contest. We again had the pleasure of choosing from lots of great selections covering many different topics, many different genres, and from many different grades. This month's winner in the Judaic Studies category was 2nd grader Edya Finkelstein, and the winner in the General Studies category was 3rd grader, Shmuel Meir Perl. Click here to see the list of nominees and to read the work of each of the finalists.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yom Ha-Shoah

The remarkable talents of our Torah MiTzion Kollel and our Bat Ami girls, as well as those of Moreh Shimshon, were on full display today's moving and thought-provoking Yom Ha-Shoah program. The program began with grades three through twelve entering a darkened gym through a "tunnel" of Holocaust pictures which helped them create mental picture of at least some element of the tragedy. With a visual image in mind, each student then lit a candle which, together with those of all of our other students, formed two Jewish stars.

The students then sat for a presentation which began with Yizkor for victims of the Nazi genocide then segued into a dramatic performance based on letters sent between brothers living on opposite sides of Europe as Hitler came to power. The presentation ended with a reading from a little girl who described her feeling upon entering a concentration camp followed by a chilling rendition of Ani Ma'amin and Ha-Tikvah.

To make the program even more personal, grades 7-12 then took part in an additional segment in which they traced the life story of a particular Jew through the Holocaust years and then came together to talk and discuss what the Holocaust means to them personally and to us as Jews.

Yasher kochachem to all to who helped put the program together.
Chametz that was in your possession over Pesach is no longer good after Pesach, but pictures that were in your possession (and never made it onto your blog) are definitely still good. are some snapshots of the various programs and activities held throughout the school in the weeks leading up to our Pesach break in an effort to prepare our students for this yom tov. From the Early Childhood parents Pesach program to the Girls High School Yom Iyyun and everything in between, it was truly a special time of year.

Friday, April 3, 2009

2nd Grade Pesach Play

Words cannot describe the spectacular job our 2nd grade, under the direction of Morah Rachel, did on yesterday's Pesach play, so I'm hoping these clips can...

From 2nd Grade Pesach Play

From 2nd Grade Pesach Play

From 2nd Grade Pesach Play

From 2nd Grade Pesach Play

From 2nd Grade Pesach Play

For more pictures from the play click here.