Friday, December 18, 2009


In the biggest upset of the Cooper Invitational's first round, the 12th ranked Cooper Macs knocked off the 5th rank North Shore Stars to advance in the Tier 1 bracket.  For details on all the games and to join the 14,000 listeners from across the country who tuned in to the tournament's webcast, visit

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Stellar Performance

There's no better way to describe what our Girls High School students did tonight.  Their rendition of The Diary of Anne Frank was authentic, insightful, harrowing, and moving.  It transported an audience of a hundred and fifty adults back to the attic of an office building in war-torn Amsterdam and deep into the heart and mind of a precocious thirteen year-old Jewish girl.  It told a story of suffering and a story of hope.  A story of destruction and a story of survival.

It was another masterful production by Dr. Kutliroff and another exceptional performance by our girls.  It was everything The Diary of Anne Frank was intended to be.

Click on the slide show to view and download pictures from the play.

Friday, December 11, 2009

First Class Kickoff

The Cookbook Kickoff for Simply Southern: With a Dash of Kosher Soul, brought Jews and non-Jews alike from across the city and across the country to the Baron Hirsch Congregation on Thursday night.  Samples of the recipes in this book - which has sold hundreds of copies across the country on only its first day of publication - were available for all to try.

If you haven't gotten your copy of Simply Southern yet, just go to their website and order one.  It's quickly becoming something no kosher cook wants to be without.

Diary of Anne Frank

Though only a dress rehearsal, the middle schoolers from the Bornblum Solomon Schechter School as well as the 9th graders from the Hollis F. Price Middle College High School walked away from our Girls High School's performance of The Diary of Anne Frank, thoroughly impressed and visibly moved. Once again, the professionalism of the show, the quality of the acting, and superb directing by Dr. Jerry Kutliroff far exceeded expectations for small school like ours.

Don't miss the real performance, Monday night, December 14, at 7:00 pm in the MHA / FYOS Gym.

JV Takes on Brooklyn

The CYHSB Junior Varsity Basketball team took to the court (and kosher restaurants) of Flatbush last week at the Thomas Hausdorff Memorial Tournament.  While our team, led by freshmen Justin Wruble, Ethan and Dylan Cooper, and Asher Silberman, along with sophomore Aaron Rubenstein, came in a respectable third place.  Even more impressive, though, is that the Cooper Macs took first place in the Skills Competition and Justin Wruble's 49 points made him the tournament's high scorer.

Everyone we spoke to - from host families to the shabbaton coordinators - had only the best things to say about the boys from Memphis.  Thank you Coach Carr for making it happen and thank you boys for making us proud!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tournament of the Millenium

Here's are segments from a recent post about our upcoming Cooper Invitational from the forum at

I've got a confession to make. I missed the boat on this Cooper tournament. I just had the opportunity to look through the participants this year and dare I say this tournament more than rivals the Saracheck? Dare I say it? Once again, I dare...

Somehow the Cooper school was able to attract the elite of the national schools across the country to come to Memphis, TN for a weekend that will potentially provide some matchups that will go the distance to help determine the national rankings, in my humble opinion...

Most tournaments we see these days usually and unfortunately include a few teams that are auto-wins for the rest of the pack. But with 16 teams and 2 Tiers you are looking at potentially the years best and most competetive tournament. In fact it may be the millenium's best tournament thus far...

For the entire post click here.