Thursday, July 5, 2007

Teacher Magazine: Epitaph for an English Teacher

In his recent article in Teacher Magazine, Howard Good, a well respected author and professor of Journalism offered the following reflections on what we all might learn from the AP English teacher he had some thirty years ago in high school:

Mr. Thompson can be an inspiring example to all of us who are responsible in one way or another for educating the young—school board members, administrators, faculty, and staff. The educational community gives regular lip service to the notion that "every child can learn."

It is time—in fact, long past time—to finally put this notion into practice. Mr. Thompson demonstrated how.

First, be sympathetic to those in your keeping. You may have become accustomed to the sight of youngsters struggling with the rigors of growing up, but this is the first time through for them.

Second, never assume that a student is just average. Every student possesses the ability to excel at something worthwhile, whether drawing, science, or friendship. Third, grades count, but sincerity of effort counts, too. Fourth and last, the opportunity to teach is ever present—seize it as often as you can.

That is sound advice for all of us. For the entire article see Teacher Magazine: Epitaph for an English Teacher.

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