Thursday, September 25, 2008

Girls Shine in Akeidah

The best of the Goldie Margolin High School for Girls was on display last night in the musical performance of Akeidah. Under the guidance of program director, Mrs. Oshrit Kolton, the girls pulled off a magical night of learning and inspiration. It began as women from across the community gathered to learn Jewish text sources relating to the story of the Akeidah, the binding of Isaac, in small groups led by one of the high school girls. All in attendance then turned their attention toward the stage where a breathtaking set and numerous props - created by the girls under the direction of their Fine Arts teacher, Mrs. Guyla Wanderman - enhanced skillful acting, carefully choreographed dancing, and beautiful choral singing to focus everyone on the upcoming yamim nora'im.

Yeyasher kochahen ve-tizku le-mitzvot.

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Millinery said...

Girls Great program!!! reward yourselves...