Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Community Chesed

Our High School girls have long been known for their constant involvement in acts of chesed across the community. Now our boys are getting into the act as well. From packing Rosh Hashanah baskets for the needy at Baron Hirsch, to helping Young Israel build their Sukkah, and the elderly in our community do the same, chesed was a big part of preparation for the chagim in CYHSB this year - and they're not done yet. On Friday, following a shiur on the kashrut of the daled minim delivered by Baron Hirsch Assistant Rabbi and CYHSB rebbe, Rabbi Aaron Feigenbaum, our boys will help the shul properly put together the daled minim so that they are ready to be picked up and used by the community over Sukkot. Tizku le-mitzvot!

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Mrs. Hood said...

Rabbi Perl-- could we ask of of the PR committee boys to write this up for the Hebrew Watchman, and possibly include pictures? The boys on the committee include Jamie Langer, Mendel Lazaros and Mendel Osdoba, Jeremy Cooper, Jonathan Tavin, and a couple of dormers.
Since I won't see them on Friday, do you mind asking for me? What a great thing to have in the paper!!