Monday, February 9, 2009

January Winners

The winners of January's Dean's Writing Awards are in. While, due to tough competition on the General Studies side this month he did not win, special mention should be made of the fact that we received another submission from Kindergarten this month. This time is was the work of Netzach Kolton. Edging out Netzach in the General Studies category this month was another first. Unlike previous submissions which have all been essays or creative writing assignments to which students are free to devote as much time as they'd like, this month's winning submission was a timed response to an essay question on an AP English test by Andrew Tavin. It is a pretty remarkable creation for something written under pressure.

The winner in our Judaic Studies category is only two sentences long - but it's quality, not quantity we're after. It is a question and answer on Chumash written in neat, grammatical Hebrew by 2nd grader Seth Wanderman. It is short but definitely sweet.

Well done, Seth! Well done, Andrew! Keep up the good work.

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