Friday, February 6, 2009

Ski Slopes and Ballot Boxes

There has been a flurry of activity in the Girls High School over the past week. Last week featured their annual Gatlinburg retreat which, thanks to their dedicated faculty, their creative and energetic Bat Ami girls, and - most of all - the students themselves, was a tremendous success. The ruach was fantastic, the camaraderie was uplifting, and the messages which we shared with one another were inspiring. Of course, the hike and the skiing weren't too bad either.

With no rest for the weary, soon after their return the girls in our Zionism II class under the leadership Mrs. Bluma Zuckerbrodt Finkeltstein, took to the stage to educate our 7th through 12th grades about the upcoming Israeli Elections. With campaign banners hung throughout the gym, stimulating speeches from the leading candidates of the four major parties, and ballot boxes in which to cast their vote, it was a fantastic - and important - example of experiential learning for all of our upper grades.

Well done, girls!

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