Wednesday, March 11, 2009

City Champs!

In what was an amazing display of teamwork, discipline, and effort, our Junior High Macs fought through adversity last night to make MHA / FYOS history by becoming the first Jr. Macs team to become Memphis City Parks League basketball champions. The team came out on fire, working the ball to the open man, and draining shots from everywhere on the court. Their defense was stifling and even when their opponents closed the lead to only 1 point in the second half, they kept their focus and persevered.

Perhaps even more impressive still was the complement the league commissioner gave the team during the trophy presentation when she said that not only did they play "awesome" basketball, but that she has never seen a display of sportsmanship quite like that of our boys. It was a kiddush Hashem of the highest order and an accomplishment for which we should all be most proud.

Congratulations to Coach Carr and to all of the guys for a truly spectacular season!

For more pictures from the game click here.


Ari Segal said...

Hey Gil

I am thinking of starting a blog. Have you had any concerns with people posting rude comments?

Rabbi Perl said...

Hi, Ari! The blog is set so that I have to accept or reject any comments that are made. The truth is that I have not had even had any attempts to leave rude comments, but if I had I simply would have rejected them.

Good luck with yours!