Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wheelchair Basketball

Yesterday many of our students had the opportunity to witness what has become an ongoing lesson in experiential learning and sensitivity training by our Junior High, thanks in large part to Mrs. Teri Graber. After having visited their school several months ago, high school students from the Shrine School, a Memphis city public school serving developmentally and physically handicapped kids, visited us yesterday for another inspiring, eye-opening, and most enjoyable game of basketball. As they did last time, when the wheelchair-bound members of their team were in the game, our students also sat in wheelchairs so as to level the playing field. And, as they did last time, our students understood that this game was not about winning and not even about making challenged kids feel good. It was about respecting who they are, getting a glimpse at what they go through, and appreciating that despite the differences between us and them, there is much that we all share.

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