Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Simply Southern" Site Launched

For four and a half years, a dedicated group of women in our school community under the direction of Dena Wruble and Tracy Rapp, have given endless hours to the creation and publication of a professionally done, distinctly Southern Kosher cookbook, that would open up new avenues for exploration by kosher cooks the world over, while simultaneously serving to significantly benefit our school and our children.  Their tireless efforts have now come to fruition.

Jewish newspapers throughout the country have picked up this story on the cookbook by the JTA, and hundreds of people have already pre-ordered the cookbook through their website: .  If you haven't ordered yours yet, be sure to do so soon.  And, if you're in Memphis on Thursday evening December 10th, be sure to join us at the official Cookbook Kickoff event at Baron Hirsch at 7pm.  The price of admission is simply the purchase of one cookbook.  From what I understand, it will be well worth it...

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