Monday, January 25, 2010

Article On Line

The Main Street Journal's article on our school is now available online.  While it does not do justice to all of the wonderful elements of our school that have been in place for decades and have created generation after generation of exceptional students, and while it doesn't even capture many of the new initiatives upon which we've embarked (e.g., the process of NAEYC accreditation under Charna Schubert's direction in the Early Childhood, the curricular overhauls of our Lower School General Studies curriculum under Mrs. Gersten's guidance,  the cutting edge Hebrew immersion environment we've created under Rabbi Greenblatt's leadership, and the increased rigor of our Girls High School program under Mrs. Kampf), it does paint a nice picture of a few of our institutional accomplishments as well as our goals for the future.  So, have a read and pass on the link: .

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