Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Margolin Academy of the Performing Arts

These past few weeks have featured one incredible student performance after another.  Starting with the third graders whose Purim Play, done completely in Hebrew, gave the 5th graders a run for their money, followed by the second graders who acted out a story from their literature series, and culminating with the second stunning performance by our new lower school Music and Dance program, our elementary school students have been shining like never before.  A special thanks goes to Morah Yehudit, Moreh Shimshon, Mrs. Winestone, Mrs. Fleischhacker, and, the director of our Music and Dance program, Mrs. Kugielsky, for making it all happen.

Of course, our upper school is always ready to get into the act as well.  Tonight at 7:30pm our Girls High School will be presenting a pre-Pesach musical for women at Baron Hirsch on the life of Natan Sharansky and at 7pm on Tuesday of next week, our Boys High School will take the stage with their rendition of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night here at the Academy auditorium.  Be sure to join us!

In case you missed our lower school students in action, here are few clips.  Follow the links for more!

From 3rd Grade Play

From 3rd Grade Play

From 2nd grade play

From Music Performance

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