Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3rd Grade Science Fair Glog

To view a larger version click here.


Mrs. H's Third Grade said...

Hello. We are a third grade class at Annunciation Catholic School in Fullerton, California. Your Glog was very cool. We are doing a Science Fair experiment here too, and our Problem is: "How can you keep an egg from breaking?" We liked reading your good hypothesis.

Could you do us a favor, Rabbi Dr. Gil S. Perl, and tell the Third Grade Teacher at your school that we liked their Glog and let them read this comment?

We would love to see if they can comment on our blog too.

Rabbi Perl said...

Hi Mrs. H's 3rd Grade! Thanks so much for your comment. I passed it on to our Science Teacher, Mrs. Hunt, who is going to share it with our 3rd graders. I'm sure you'll be seeing a post from them on your blog soon!