Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purim Festivities

For weeks now, Purim has been in the air throughout the school.  From dress-up corners in the Early Childhood transformed into make-believe Shushans to high school students dressed as beavers preparing for their annual video Purim Schpiel, the spirit of the day was everywhere.  Amongst the most impressive of the Purim presentations was the play put on by the third grade, under the direction of Morah Yehudit, completely in Hebrew.  It was true testament to how comfortable our children have become in Hebrew due to our Lower School Hebrew immersion program for Judaic studies.  Click here  for images and some video clips of their performance.

Topping my personal list of most enjoyable Purim experiences were the grammen prepared by our Boys High School rebbeim and affectionately delivered on Purim afternoon at Rabbi Lubetski's house, and the rather  significant scare I delivered to the Girls High School as part of their Shushan Purim Color War breakout.  Though I think a few of them probably swore never to talk to me again, after a fun-filled two days of Color War, I think most of them of over it...    

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