Thursday, April 7, 2011

Governor Visits MHA

In what was a landmark event for our school this morning, Governor Bill Haslam and recently installed State Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman, along with some 75 Memphis business leaders,  visited our school to dedicate our new Max Cooper Business and Technology Program.  The Max Cooper program, which has allowed us to install new technology in all of our classrooms and to offer a plethora of Business and Technology related electives for our high school students, marks our school's first step toward meaningful integration of 21st century learning.

After an introduction by Dr. Larry Wruble, a business associate of Mr. Cooper's, I spoke to the crowd for a few minutes on where I think education is going and what we need to do to get our kids there.  I then handed the program over to Mr. Ron Belz, one of the city's leading businesspeople, who introduced the Governor.   Governor Haslam then spoke about the serious challenges facing education in our state and how he believes even faith-based private schools like ours can be part of the solution. He also encouraged our high school students not to be afraid of high expectations and rigorous demands, and not to be afraid to bring the "treasures" of our religion with us into the public square.  Dr. Brad Somer closed the program and then we accompanied the Governor out to the front of our building where our Early Childhood and Elementary students were eagerly waiting for him.  He charmed them, much as he had charmed the adults, and after a few pictures with the kids he was off to his next destination.

For pictures from the event click here.  Below is Fox Memphis's news coverage.  Needless to say, it was a special day that won't soon be forgotten in our school community.


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