Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Crucible

Our high school girls were downright frightening in their performance of Arthur Miller's The Crucible last night.  Replete with tears and fights, shrieks and charades, they brought the powerful tale of scapegoating and the misuse of religion to life on our school stage.

As always, the production's success resulted from just the right mix of very hard work by our girls, masterful directing by Dr. Jerry Kutliroff, and a healthy dose of breathtakingly good acting talent that seems to emerge from our little high schools year in and year out.

Following this year's performance, the girls paid their own tribute to one girl who personifies that talent: 12th grader, Leah Fleischhaker.  Those who have attended our High School Open Houses each of the past two years, may know Leah as the girl who spoke courageously (and completely voluntarily) about the challenges she has learning in a traditional classroom setting and the way in which our school has helped her to overcome those challenges.  Those who, in any of the past four years, have attended our Girls High School plays, however, simply know Leah as a truly remarkable actress.

We can't wait to see what lies in store for her as she takes her talents beyond the small stage of the Margolin Hebrew Academy to bigger and better venues.  We have no doubt, though, that she will continue to shine.

See below for a slide show from the performance as well as two video clips of our girls in action.  All of the pictures from the performance are available here.

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