Wednesday, February 29, 2012

State Sum Dog Champs!

It's official. According to the Sum Dog website, the Margolin Hebrew Academy has won the statewide Sum Dog math contest!  In a landslide victory, our lower school students beat out over 60 other schools from across the state with a score of 2,049 points, representing the average number of correct answers given by our students over the week-long contest.  Granberry Elementary in Brentwood, TN came in second 1,391points and our neighbors here in East Memphis, the highly regarded St. Mary' Episcopal School, came in third with 1,291.

All of the students who participated deserve tremendous credit not only for the time and effort they put forth, but for the accuracy with which they answered the questions.  Special congratulations goes to 6th grader Yonah Frieden, who racked up an unbelievable 50,596 points (did he sleep this week?) and ranked #1 amongst all students in the contest.

Though far less important than the educational value of the endeavor, there were prizes involved as well!  For having been the daily winners on the first day of the competition, we won site licences for Yenka's 3D Shapes geometry software (a $330 value).  For winning the overall contest, we get site licences to Yenka's Mathematics software (a $750 value).

Not bad for doing a bunch of math problems and having a lot of fun while at it!

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