Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Student AIPAC Delegate Featured in NYT

Yesterday's Middle East section of the New York Times featured an article on the AIPAC policy conference held in Washington earlier this week, with a specific focus on the very large Tennessee constituency who attended.  While we are very proud of all of our high school students who joined the Memphis delegation, it was particularly gratifying to see the article finish off with the following description of 10th grader Isaac Graber's exchange with Erin Reif, an aide to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander:

Isaac Graber, a 15-year-old sophomore at Margolin Hebrew Academy in Memphis, presented the case for foreign aid, first to Ms. Reif and then again to Mr. Alexander, who arrived late. Isaac held a yellow legal pad but hardly referred to it, as he ticked off facts: foreign aid is about 1 percent of the federal budget; much of Israel’s $3.1 billion is spent on contracts with United States companies; Israel spends 8 percent of its gross domestic product on defense. “They’re such a tiny country surrounded by all these crazy neighbors,” Isaac said. “Really, the bottom line is this is a little bit of money that really goes a far way.”

Then he asked Ms. Reif if she had any questions.

“Do you want my job?” she said.

Ms. Reif:  Isaac needs to finish school first.  But once he does, you'd better watch out...

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