Monday, May 21, 2012

Debate Day #1

This year's annual policy debate tournament, which pits the debators from our Boys High School against the debators from our Girls High School, in a series of cross-examination debates on the National High School Debate topic, took a slightly different format from years past.  This year we broke the tournament up over two days, the first of which was today and the second of which will be this Wednesday.  Each of the debates centers around the issue of the United States space program, with the affirmative team presenting a plan to substantially increase the federal government's exploration and / or development of space and the negative team arguing against such a position.

This morning's debates, as expected, were fierce and well executed by both sides.  They'll clash again on Wednesday afternoon with the highest scoring team (pair of students) from each side (boys and girls) going up against each other in a public final round at 4:30pm in the CYHSB Beit Midrash.  Feel free to join us then for what promises to be an impressive, educational, and entertaining display of rhetoric, research, analysis, and lightening quick thinking.

Here are some images from today's action:

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