Sunday, September 23, 2012

Geoff Calkins on Seth Goldstein

I know I've blogged about this story twice already, but when the top sports writer in the city puts it on the cover of the Sunday Sports Section, how could I not mention it again?  Besides, his wonderful way with words is worth reading in and of itself.

Way to go, Seth.


S said...

Just wanted to say that you should be so very proud of your talmid. He certainly did his personal best. The Yeshiva should only have much continued Yiddishe nachas from Seth and all your talmidim/talmidot. His parents should also have much nachas from him and from his family

Mrs Sarah Rosenblum, Brooklyn, NY

Mark Kaplowitz said...

Seth's story has also made it onto the Daily Forward website in a "Breaking News" story by Simi Lampert. See,

Mark Kaplowitz said...

Seth's story is also a "Breaking News" story by Simi Lampert on the Daily Forward website. See,

Mark A. Kaplowitz