Sunday, April 28, 2013

Students Collect Environmental Data at Shelby Farms

Last week, Mr. Dave Lewellyn took his AP Environmental class to Shelby Farms to conduct a water quality testing lab.  He met with Mr. Larry Pickens, the Park Operations Manager, and arranged for the students' measurements to be sent to him as a means of supporting their ongoing water quality assessments.  Mr. Lewellyn approached Mr. Pickens thinking we would be one of dozens of schools in the area collecting data on the park but found out that, to the best of his knowledge, we are the only school besides the University of Memphis currently studying the park's rich and diverse environment.  

Additionally, Mr. Pickens informed Mr. Lewellyn that if we can provide data on a regular basis we have the opportunity to become a part of the park efforts to monitor all sorts of water  and soil related issues.  It goes without saying that such would provide an invaluable learning opportunity for our students and a wonderful way for our kids to use their learning to help improve the world around us.

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