Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yom Ha-Ha'atzmaut

This is my sixth Yom Ha-Atzma'ut here at the Academy and while they have always been high-spirited enjoyable days, we have never had anything quite like what we experienced this week. The Bat Ami and the Kollel, under the direction of Rabbi Maimon and Daphna, outdid themselves. From the exceptional, and highly educational, decorations all over the school to the sessions on Israeli history, culture, and industry which filled the elementary school classrooms, and from the Bedouin tent cooking fresh pita outside to the festive lunch inside, there was experiential education happening everywhere.

The Boys High School, under Rabbi Lubetski and Rabbi Gersten's direction, took their Yom Ha'atzmaut program to new heights this year as well by creating a color-war type day of competition that asked the boys to do everything from preparing Israeli cuisine to researching and formally debate big questions relating to American-Israeli relations like "Can one be a Zionist while living in America?" and "Do Jewish men and women in the Diaspora have an obligation to serve in the Israeli army?" The excitement, energy, and festivity was palpable throughout the school and it all culminated with our annual march from the school to Baron Hirsch.

Below you'll find a slideshow with some pictures from the day, all of which can accessed here.  I've also included some clips from our Boys High School debate.  Please keep in mind that the views expressed don't necessarily reflect the views of the school or of the debators.  The do, however, reflect our boys' ability to think critically and make persuasive arguments about important issues.  Enjoy!

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