Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kenyan Orphans Get Supplies from 6th Grade

Back in November I posted about our 6th grade's initiative to send school supplies to the Cheery Children Education Centre, an orphanage for AIDS victims in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya.  For two years now, our fantastic 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Cindy Massey, has made Social Studies come alive for our students by harnessing technology to connect our children in a small Orthodox Jewish Day School in Memphis, TN with students all over the globe.

This year, though, her class took the initiative to a new level.  In one of their communications with the teachers in Nairobi, our students asked what it was they could do to meaningfully help their new e-pals.  In response they were told that even the most basic school supplies - pencils, paper, and other things our children take for granted - were rare commodities in their school.  Thus the challenge was posed.  Our 6th graders were going to figure out how they could purchase school supplies and ship them to Kenya in the most cost effective manner and then they were going to figure out how best to raise the funds necessary to do so.

Just this week, with the school year winding down, I got word that their mission was accomplished.  Below you'll find more pictures of the Kenyan children receiving, holding, and using the supplies sent to them by their Memphian friends here at the Margolin Hebrew Academy.

It's amazing what 6th graders can do.


Jairus Makambi said...

This was a memorable and one of the rare opportunities that our children had.its because of the great effort of this wonderful school morgalin especially 6 grader.I take this time to say THANK YOU and be part of now and forever

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic day to the pupils, teachers and the community in large.The gifts rekindled a pulchritudinous smiles to our gorgeous pupils here creating an event that will last in their minds for a long time. Let our Almighty GOD shower BLESSINGS to Morgalin school. Thank you.

Emmily Minayo said...

Its was a great time at CCEC as we opened and gave out the supplies to various students.I believe we can make bigger steps from the small begining.Kudos to 6 graders and teacher Cindy we appreciate your kind and generous heart.Morgalin school has become part of us and we feel a sense of belonging.TOGETHER WE CAN!!!THANK YOU ALL

Arman Sheffey said...

That is Awesome! Praise God!