Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lapbooking Sefer Devarim

Traditionally, a siyyum marks the completion of a book of a Torah which one has studied.  In Mrs. Amy Stein's 7th and 8th grade Chumash class, however, the siyyum they made today marked both the completion of a book and the creation of one.

Borrowing from a concept that originated in the Home Schooling world, Mrs. Stein challenged her students to create "lapbooks" that creatively demonstrated their working knowledge of Sefer Devarim, which they completed this year.  The requirements for the assignment were that they each had to include a map, a timeline, "concept words" from the sefer, mitzvot found in Devarim, and a section on the shorashim (word roots) they had studied together.  How exactly to present each section was left up to the individual student with points given both for creativity and clarity.

The results were stunning.  Though the pictures don't quite do them justice, you can get some sense of the detail, sophistication, and ingenuity which our girls put into these projects from the slideshow below.  The initial intent of the "lapbook" was that students would not only have a creative way of demonstrating their learning, but that they'd have a product at the end which they could proudly keep and flip through from time to time to remind them of what they learned.  It's exciting to think that our girls now have a "Sefer Devarim" of their own creation that they can return to as they continue their journey through Jewish learning and growth.

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