Monday, August 25, 2008

8th Grade Boys Unite

The motley crew affectionately known as our 8th grade boys have come together. Under the direction of their rebbe, Rabbi Reuven Kolton, and with the assistance of Rabbi Zev Roth, the 8th graders created a "quilt" of their own artwork which, when put together, spelled the message "We're 1." To emphasize the fact that what makes for genuine unity and cohesion is not similitude and homogenaity, but the harmonious collaboration and cooperation of diverse and disparate parts, each student's contribution to the quilt was made with different tools and different mediums, some of which worked smoothly and quickly and others which posed a greater challenge. Yet, with patience and perseverence everyone contributed to a work which no single individual could have created on their own.

Yasher Kochachem!

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