Sunday, May 4, 2014

Celebrating Torah Study

This past Wednesday brought a new event to the MHA calendar: a community night of learning in celebration of our high school Matmidim Program.  The Matmidim Program was created last year as a means of providing both the opportunity and incentive to our high school students to extend their Torah study beyond the confines of the classroom and the school day.  Through Sunday morning shiurim, Tuesday night learning, chavruta study, and faculty monitored independent learning projects, our students were encouraged to find areas of talmud Torah that spoke to them and pursue them on their own time.

On Wednesday night the community was invited to our high school Beit Midrash to get a taste for the remarkable learning which the program has inspired, and to celebrate the impressive achievements of our students in this regard. The evening featured a mix of full-fledged shiurim delivered by several of our students and "teasers" presented by others, as a means of interesting the crowd in reading the more elaborate words of Torah they authored which were printed in a booklet distributed at the event.  The evening concluded with an inspiring siyum Shas Mishnayos made by 12th grader Gabriel Addess and his father and a light celebratory meal which followed.

Below are several clips from our student presentations.  Pictures from the evening can be found here. It is our hope that this wonderful evening was just the beginning and that our Matmidim Program is poised to grow and expand in the coming months and years.

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