Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chidon Update

These are exciting times for the MHA and its Tanach students!

Last night on Israeli national television, MHA graduate Asher Finkelstein competed in the final round of the International Chidon HaTanach.  Of thousands of contestants from across the globe who began the annual Bible Contest last year, Asher was one of the last sixteen left standing.  In the end, he finished 9th in the world.  Not bad for a boy from Memphis...

Looking to follow in Asher's very big footsteps is a group of seven current MHA students who will be headed to New York this weekend to compete in the National Finals (nine qualified, but only seven are able to make the trip).  We wish all of them the best of luck on Sunday and express our deep gratitude to their coach and mentor, Moreh Shimshon Solemon, who has given selflessly of his time inside school and well beyond to make sure that our students are best prepared for this unique challenge.

!יישר כחכם והצלחה רבה

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