Friday, June 6, 2014

Growing Up

We had two opportunities this past week to stop and reflect on just how much our little one have grown.  The first was Kindergarten graduation, an annual rite of passage, in which we ooh and aah over those adorable kids who - in the course of three years - transformed from toddlers barely capable of speaking in full sentences to students who can read, write, think, research, question, discover, and explore.  As always, Morah Michelle, Morah Hanielle, Moreh Shimshon, and Mrs. Triplett helped our kids put on quite a show. By the time it was over no one had any doubts that all of our Kindergarteners were more than ready for 1st grade.

Just a day later it was our 8th graders turn to show us what happens when little 1st Graders finish that magical ride we call Elementary and Middle School.  Brimming with confidence and teeming with poise, each one of our "advancees" addressed the crowd with lessons they had learned from the extensive geneology project which they each just recently completed.  During the collation which followed the ceremony, parents and friends had the opportunity to mill about the gym and explore these projects in even greater depth.  The quality of their research and the creativity with which they expressed it was truly a site to behold.

All of the pictures from Kindergarten Graduation can be found here and 8th Grade Advancement pictures can be found here.  Mazal tov to all!

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