Monday, June 9, 2014

High School Graduation

Never have I seen a high school graduation quite like the one we had last night.  While it is a long-standing tradition here at the MHA that each of the graduates speak, and while there have been impressive individual performances in the past, never have I heard anything quite like what I heard last night.

One after the other, all twenty graduates rose from their seats upon the stage and took their place at the podium.  One after another, they dazzled the crowd with their poise, creativity and confidence.  No two speeches were even remotely alike.  From a touching letter to a younger brother to a speech begun in American Sign Language and from famous movie lines bellowed from upon a chair to moving tributes to teachers for their care, there wasn't one of the twenty that failed to impress.

This is one of the most talented groups of young men and women ever to graduate our school and we can't wait to see where they go from here.

(Pictures from the evening can be seen here.  Due to technical difficulties, the pictures had to be taken with an iPhone and hence the quality is subpar.  My apologies.)

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